Exhibits of Kazantzakis Museum to the tribute «NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS, the Eternal World-roamer»

The Kazantzakis Museum successfully participates in the tribute «NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS, the Eternal World-roamer». The Benaki Museum and Kazantzakis Publications are organizing this great tribute to Nikos Kazantzakis, with the Kazantzakis Museum, the Historical Museum of Crete, the National Library of Greece and the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation as co-organisers. Numerous exhibits, namely first editions of his works, personal belongings, and archival data are granted by the Kazantzakis Museum for the occasion of this temporary exhibition.

The tribute “NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS, the Eternal World-roamer” opens to the public on 21.12.2017 and will last until 25.2.2018, as 2017 has been proclaimed “Nikos Kazantzakis year” by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, taking place in Athens, and includes three exhibitions which are presented in the Benaki Museum at 138 Pireos str. (“Ascent”), the Ghika Gallery (“Odyssey”) and the Museum of Islamic Art (“Orient”).