Kazantzakis Museum has established a cooperation network with bodies and institutions which are directly related to Nikos Kazantzakis and his work. This cooperation consists in co-organizing scientific meetings and conferences, publishing works, and organizing exhibitions and presentations.

Diopta Publications

An Athens-based publishing house, Kazantzakis Publications (Niki Stavrou), published and distributed exclusively the works produced by Nikos Kazantzakis and his wife, Eleni, in the Greek language and in Greece, as well as worldwide via its online bookshop, since autumn of 2011.

Starting from Spring 2022 the works of Nikos Kazantzakis in Greek are been published by Dioprta Publications.

Kazantzakis Museum cooperates with this publishing house at the level of interlibrary loans of archive material for research purposes. Their cooperation also extends to the distribution of publications with the Museum being responsible for the distribution of Kazantzakis’ works in Crete since 2015, as well as to co-organizing and providing mutual support to various events. 

Dioptra Publications - Kazantzakis books

International Association of Friends of Nikos Kazantzakis

The International Association of Friends of Nikos Kazantzakis is an international non-profit cultural association, which was founded in Geneva in 1988, with the participation of Eleni Kazantzaki and Giorgos Anemogiannis, the latter also being the founder of Kazantzakis Museum.

It is based in Geneva and its main objective is to promote the work and way of thinking of this prominent writer. It is managed by the Coordination Committee, a central administration body elected by the International General Assembly every three years, and it is divided into geographical departments currently numbering a total of 5,785 members residing in 119 countries.



In the context of the relationships that Kazantzakis Museum maintains with relevant museums and culture bodies, it has been twinned with:

●  Shakespeare Birthpcace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon, England (2017)

Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust

●  Albert Schweitzer House Museum in Gunsbac, Alsace (2013)

Albert Schweitzer Museum

● the museum dedicated to Chinese novelist Lu Xun in Shaoxing, China (2012)

Lu Xun Museum

● the museum dedicated to Czech composer Buhoslav Martinû in Polička, Czech Republic (1999)

Bohuslav Martinu Centre

● Paul Valéry Museum in Sète, France (1997)

Paul Valéry Museum

● Juan Ramón Jiménez Museum in Moguer, Spain (1997)

Zenobia Juan Ramón Jiménez House/Museum


In 2011-2013, the Museum participated as a partner in the project titled “Comparing learning opportunities in the field of literary heritage” which was part of the Grundtvig European Programme. Other participants included literature bodies from Estonia, Luxembourg, Hungary, and Finland. 

More about the project and its outcomes: http://literarygrundtvig.blogspot.gr/


Protocol of Collaboration between House Museums in Europe

Kazantzakis Museum is a signatory of the Protocol of Collaboration between House Museums in Europe, which was drafted in Florence in May 2015 by the representatives of house museums dedicated to prominent writers, composers and artists from Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Croatia, Germany, and Hungary.