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Ideas are travellers. Rushing from one mind to the next. Finding and blending with each other.

A writer knows that one man's spirit alone cannot contain an idea. Ideas become meaningful once their journey begins. The more they travel, the stronger they become.

A writer lurks inside each and every one of us.

Every summer for the past four years, Kazantzakis Museum became a crossroad for different people and diverse cultures to mingle and interact. Together, we travelled to Spain, England, Russia, China; we experienced the world through the eyes of Nikos Kazantzakis, immersing in people, languages, arts, worlds and ideas.

This summer we cannot travel together as we have done in the past. But there is nothing holding our ideas back. Ideas know no boundaries or limitations.

This summer Kazantzakis Museum celebrates 10 years since its second inauguration. The "Travelling" festivals will not stop. We invite you to join us and become the co-author of our own “Travelling” book. To fill its pages with your words and ours; with music and images from the past; with moments of the museum's past activities; with your own stories.

Let us embark on a journey similar to the ones Kazantzakis did. Let us follow his path and write our own narrative. Let us engage on a journey and see how far we can go. A journey in the spirit.