A kind of spiritual biography or, as Kazantzakis himself terms it, a "report" in the military sense of the word, regarding his goals and endeavours. The author begins his account in his childhood (having previously referred to his ancestors and parents) and ends on the day of the "Cretan Glance" and the conception of the Odyssey. He does not recount the whole of his life, presenting instead the milestones in his spiritual journey, without adhering to the chronological order of his actual biography.

Writing history

Kazantzakis' letters to Prevelakis reveal that he planned the work from 1929, but aimed to write it "in several years' time". He initially envisaged it as a dialogue, under the provisional title "Chatting with Greco".

In 1954, while writing The Fratricides, the idea for the Report took shape. He began it at Lugano in Switzerland in 1955, entitling it Letters to Greco, and continued it in Antibes in 1956, when he gave the book its definitive title. According to his letters to Prevelakis, Kazantzakis had completed the second draft of the text and was planning to write the third and final one when he returned from China.

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