This chronicles the friendship between Kazantzakis and Zorbas, and the lignite business they set up at Prastova in the Mani. In the novel, Yiorgis Zorbas is renamed Alexis Zorbas ("Zorba" in English translation), and the action is transferred to Crete. The two men meet at Piraeus; impressed by Zorba's passion and unconventional character, the narrator hires him as an overseer. On Crete they lodge at the hotel of Madame Hortense, an ageing one-time chanteuse who soon becomes Zorba's mistress.

It fast emerges that the lignite mine was a pretext; the narrator is not interested in businesses and profits, but is in search of answers to the philosophical conundrums that torment him. Using common sense and the experience derived from his tumultuous life, Zorba shows him that the answers - if they do exist - are not to be found in books, but in life itself, as long as one lives it with passion, freed of hopes and expectations.

Writing history

Written on Aegina in 1941, under the original title The [Saint's] Life of Zorbas. The final version was completed in 1943. Part of the prologue was published in issues 11-12 of the literary magazine Kritikes Selides [Cretan Pages], (December 1936 - January 1937) pp. 290-292; Kazantzakis was most probably already planning the novel at that time.

Greek editions

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Foreign editions & translations

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In 1954, Zorba was awarded the best foreign novel prize for a book published in France.

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Audio Books

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Theatre performances & adaptations

  • Vladimiros Kafkaridis New Theatre, adapted by Fotos Fotiadis, music by Antonis Dimitradis, Nicosia 1984
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  • Albert Eskenazy Troupe, 2002
  • Brussels performance, adapted by Bernard Damien, 1982 (?)
  • Brussels performance, music by Marc Herouet, at the 1982 Europalia
  • Performance in Malmö, Sweden, music by Roger Johansson, 1988
  • Performance at the Théâtre de la Ronde de Sorgues, during "Greek Week", music by Laurent Borel, 1988
  • unpublished adaptation by Tony Tsiribinos, Nikos Kazantzakis Museum, (Varvari, Heraklion)
  • unpublished adaptation by Bernard Damien, for the Rideau de Bruxelles Theatre, Nikos Kazantzakis Museum, (Varvari, Heraklion)


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