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Myrtia | 13 & 14 July | 17.30 – 20.30
Free participation in all activities
No reservation is needed

Cool afternoon time to discover the active spots of the village and do the simple things we all people love, regardless of our age and origin: play, savor, listen to stories. How do all these look like in China?

Tea Ceremony

Co-founder of Meet Culture and tea specialist Eley Yuan, will introduce and share the way of enjoying the tea properly through an exquisite Chinese tea ceremony and talk to us about the history of tea. No one can leave China without drinking from this common cup of warmth!


The Chinese seven-tile-puzzle that will never disappoint those with a passion for games, riddles, puzzles, geometry, paradoxes and imagination.

Mysteries of Old Peking

The classic board game on a floor-size edition, in a special surprise version, made especially for the "Traveling...China" festival! Prepare your team and confront other teams in a hard mission: discover the «secrets» of the great Chinese emperors!

Chinese Cooking Classes

We put on our aprons and follow the wise hands of the Chinese cooks. Because no trip is considered complete without the element of taste.

Tai Chi Practice 

The art of war, dance, brush, spirit, longevity. The practice of yin and yang fits everything that trains the mind and body, but also every moment, since energy always flows. Passing through 24 positions, we learn the basic elements of Taiji and a short practice for every day!

Chinese Tales

With no stage, with no costumes and scenery, how do the storytellers, those virtuos of the ancient art of narration, enchant! A storyteller of our land, heard the story of the Chinese storytellers and decided that tales can’t be missing from a Chinese fest. So, she brought her own art and started wandering around the village. And what stories does she have to tell?

Great Invisible Powers (puppet theatre performance for 3 spectators by alaluz shadow puppet theatre)

The world’s smallest theatre creates a microcosm in a mysterious magic box and invites you to take a peek at Chinese superstitions. We don’t know if 3 is a fateful number, but this tiny theatre has only this number of seats and its spectators change again and again! 
A few-minute performance for three spectators inspired by the “caja lambe-lambe” technique, also known as “caja magica” or “caja misteriosa”, which comes from another side of the world, Brazil.
* The performance will take place at the Museum’s main hall, with a reduced entrance fee: 3 €)