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Heraklion | 12 July | 18.00 & 21.00
Beijing Modern Dance Company | Dance theatre
Blooming of Time
Astoria Theatre
Entrance fee: 20 € | 18 € | 15 €

Advance ticket sale from 5 June
Kazantzakis Museum, Myrtia  | All days 9.00-17.00
Astoria Theatre, Heraklion Centre | All days 19.00-21.00
Eleftheroudakis bookstore, Heraklion 

The 24 solar terms are based on observing and measuring the changing regularity of the position of the sun by the ancient Chinese people, to summarize the seasonal changes and guide the agricultural activities, and affect the supplementary calendar of thousands of households. They are a special way for Chinese to calculate time, the discovery of the dialogue between heaven and earth, a manifestation of the oriental philosophy and aesthetics...

The sun rises first in the East, then sinks from the West; the sun goes down from the West and rises from the East. Blooming of time takes 24 solar terms as a carrying agent, with the eyes of the flowers, the listening of the flowers, the heart of the flowers, to see the world, harvest the stories of different creatures in the duration of flowers’ bloom and fall.

The 24 solar terms are the legs that the flowers can walk on. Each solar term allows the flower to walk in different paths, because thanks to the twenty-four solar terms, the expansion of flowers will not end at the dying, but the new spirit will continue to pass on, and the flowers will never be really lost.

The creation of the choreographer starts from the spring equinox, and goes through grain rain, grain in ear, cold dews, great cold, and the last wheel returns to beginning of spring, and ends with the waking of insects. Nature has its own rules in the infinitive.

Each cycle carries the ancient soul, every birth is a new bloom of life...

Choreography: Gao Yanjinzi
Administration coordinator: Zhang Wei
Advisors: Liu Qing, Zhang Jianjian
Music director: Da Liao, Guo Sida, Gao Chong
Set design: Liu Kedong
Costume design: Ah Kuan
Singer: Zhao Li 

Performers: Chen Jiaxin | Chu Tao | Gao Yanjinzi | Gao Weilian | Gong, Zhong Hui | Luo Li Li | Luo Tian | Ren Yaoyao | Shi Feiyang | Wang Xingxing | Wang Yan | Yang Zhijun | Zeng, Jin | Zhou Xinyu 

Beijing Modern and Contemporary Dance Company (BMCDC) was founded in 1995 to promote the development of local art and to create contemporary art works based on respect and continuity of traditional culture. It is one of the most important professional groups in the field of contemporary dance that has played an important role in the popularity of modern dance art in China, having also gained worldwide recognition.Since its inception, BMCDC has released nearly 100 exceptional works. Gao Yanjinzi, art director of BMCDC, led the Chinese excellent creators and dancers to carry out pure artistic creation, while actively participating in international events, cultural exchanges and other social and community activities.

SPONSORSHIP: China National Arts Fund