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Μυρτιά | 13 & 14 July | 21.00 | Concerts
Kazantzakis Museum parking area
Free admission - No reservation is needed

Saturday 13 July
Chang Jing Studio
Dream Back to the Orient Wonderland

Only music and dream, boundless and timeless.
With musical instrument as the role, each piece of music is like a dream.
Through dream, every chapter has its unique view.
Dream, as a media, let us listen and connect with the reflection of humanity and reality.

Dream Back to the Orient Wonderland is the latest live music project of Chang Jing’s Studio. It creatively combines traditional Chinese instruments and Kun Opera. The live music is filled with fantasy and enlightenment, the most intimate dialogue with one’s own, a posture of thousands of lives, desire and indulgence. More importantly, the audience can experience the freedom of travelling through time and space, as well as the detachment of the spirit through the dreamful music…

Chang Jing: Guzheng
Zhang Di: Chinese flutes
Wang Jianan: Percussion
Liu Xinran: Chinese Opera
Tang Bin: Guqin

Sunday 14 July
Giorgis Manolakis – Nefalo Project / Chang Jing Studio 
Crete Meets the Far East

A different musical ensemble based on the Cretan music, though with a rather more open and explosive world, jazz & rock character, and with a highly improvisational mood, comes to the music stage of “Travelling… China” and promises us a unique musical experience that will travel us to every corner of Greece.

Giorgis Manolakis, together with Nikos Sidirokastritis (percussion), Andreas Polyzogopoulos (trumpet), Nikolas Christopoulos (drums) & Stefanos Kouroupakis (double bass) will perform compositions of Giorgis Manolakis and songs from Crete, and are ready to surprise us in a musical collaboration with Chang Jing Studio, who will get on stage for a second day.

What does the Chinese flute whisper to the Western trumpet?
How do the Greek and the Chinese share the metronome?
How do the strings of passion and mystagogy flirt?
How does the voice of China mate with the voice of Crete?
And generally, what can happen when two so distant dots on the world's music map meet in a common journey of musical improvisation?

We’ll find that out at the concert of Sunday 14 July, which is the closing event of this year’s journey to the Far East!